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Fall Harvest

Updated: Apr 12

October was a very busy month for me. Sadly, not all of it was enjoyable. I moved to a new apartment, and my close friends can tell you, it was tough for me. I’m deeply indebted to those who supported me through all my frustrations. At the same time, I was lucky enough to work with and speak to a number of groups about topics that matter. For the month a harvest of some bitter, but mostly sweet.

Early in the month, I was one of the speakers at White Rock Live. In my first Pecha Kucha style talk I made the case, I hope, for living life intentionally, and not wasting a moment. In continuance of my work with entrepreneurs, I did workshops about marketing, with a social media focus, and got to meet more budding business owners with great ideas. Social media was also the topic of a talk I gave at the Pretez Centre, where I talked about the gifts and dangers of interaction online. And I rounded out the month with a short talk about time management strategies for entrepreneurs at the DIVERSEcity conference, the subject of my last book.

No matter the topic, no matter the audience, I found several unifying themes.

  • When we gather, for any reason, there are people who make that gathering work for us. From the volunteers who line up folding chairs, to the technical experts who light stages and make recordings, to the resilient souls who act as hosts guiding everyone to where they need to be…when they need to be there, events would not work without these folks.

  • The show must go on. Yes, I know it’s a cliché, but perhaps there’s a reason for that. If the room isn’t ready, the copies aren’t made, the mic is wonky, or you feel a cold coming on, you’ve still got to be ready to teach, talk, and give it your all. People have carved out some of their precious time for you, and you’ve got to show respect for that.

  • Underneath our desire to manage time, market a business, or understand online communication is a core of human need. We’re all trying to make tomorrow better than today. If possible, we’d like to do this as part of a connected community, because loneliness hurts. As I tend the garden of my life, I see the lines between business advice and personal guidance continue to blur. Maybe this is the path to harvesting a well-balanced life.

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