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Gratitude at Mid-Life

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

While I cannot speak to the experiences of others, I can say that being a middle-aged, divorced woman can be a complex role and one that doesn't always easily lead to thoughts of being grateful. Like many other areas of research in mental health or social science, more research is needed to look into the unique experiences of women in mid-life and beyond.

Information that's out there already suggests that it is not just what happens to mid-life women, but our individual experience of those events that leads to our feelings about life. Feeling grateful during this time in life can be challenging.

...Clean house. Nothing highlights how much you have more than doing a thorough clean up around the house. Got enough dirty dishes to fill the sink? That means you've eaten today. Have a closet, garage or attic that's bursting? That means you probably own a lot of "stuff." Maybe it's time to gather up a donation load for local charities. I can remember many years ago cleaning out my closet and finding a horrendous pair of lime green sandals. It's a real gratitude memory for me. My mother had purchased them for me, kindly keeping her views on them private, and I wore them once. I realize now that my family, while not wealthy, was well off enough that my mother could indulge me by buying me shoes of dubious fashion or practical worth. My feeling of gratitude became deeper years later, when my mother explain to me how she had one pair of shoes each year growing up. During years when she grew quickly she was forced to squeeze her feet into her shoes or go barefoot until it was time for back-to-school and a new pair.*

* Excerpted from Ask and Achieve: Questions in the middle of a woman's life

Link: http://a.co/d/c0cJvKR

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