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Greetings during and after Covid 19

Updated: Apr 12

I was never a hand shaker. In fact, I used to tell stories in classes and workshops with tips and tricks I used to not shake hands or to slip the grasp of huggers. No, I wasn't a germaphobe, but I'm an HSP and an introvert and I just feel more comfortable keeping the list of humans I touch very short. Now the world has changed. Shaking hands in Western culture may go the way of the kissing booth. (Remember those?)

The theory is that shaking hands developed as a custom to make sure the person you were speaking to wasn't armed. Okay. Just exactly why are we greeting one another again? Personally, I'd love to see the Vulcan greeting (Live long, and prosper) become the new norm. First, I like the idea of starting or ending an interaction with well wishes for another person, and second I still harbor fantasies of a Star Trek like society. ~sigh~ The joined palms over heart (Namaste - I bow to the divine in you) also seems like a great option. How better to begin or end conversations than to acknowledge the value of the other person? A palm over your heart, or a slight bow...we've got lots of alternatives to shaking down folks for imaginary weapons or hugging and kissing those we barely know. 

Perhaps it's good for us to examine our greetings. They are the beginning of relationships and the closure of all kinds of interactions. A bit of stylized formality might not hurt. The rules for social interaction, the bowing, the respectful titles, etc. are often mentioned as a favorite part of period dramas. Inside maybe we all long to be greeted with the respect of Mr. Darcy or the regard of Mr. Spock, instead of having our arms pumped and shoulders slapped in a power move. 

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