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How about some chit-chat?

Well, I gave my first PechaKucha talk at White Rock Live. A concept invented by design professionals to avoid “death by PowerPoint,” these talks are structured and unique

Here are some of my initial reflections and thoughts, especially for other speakers.

· Though the talk lasts less than seven minutes, you will spend a lot of time preparing and practicing. This is because you, the speaker, have NO control over the advancing slides.

· The time and structure mean that once the evening gets going, and PechaKucha nights have a group of speakers, things move quickly.

· I found the required structure means you cannot “read the room” and make significant changes to what you planned to say. This was a huge difference for someone used to doing interactive talks.

· Once you start speaking, it feels a bit like a free fall, and if you relax into it…it’s not so bad.

The organizers of the White Rock Live event were amazing. I met a bunch of really interesting fellow speakers. There should be some recordings available soon, and I will keep everyone posted, and have more to say about the night.

Of course, like any good introvert after an evening of socializing, I came home and set my phone to silent for the next 12 hours.

Me captured mid word by a friend's camera.

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