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It's Spring! What are you planting?

Updated: Apr 12

Spring is here! (At least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) It’s time to think about cleaning out your closets, doing your taxes, and renewal in all its forms. Think gardening. Everyone, from children planting seeds for the first time to veteran green thumbs laying the ground work for spectacular floral displays, gets in on the gardening act. Our pathway to success operates in much the same way as a healthy garden does. We must plant the right seeds or plants for our particular climate, nurture them carefully and patiently, and then be ready to harvest our results later. So, what are you planting this spring?

If you want financial security, plant the seeds of budgeting, perhaps with a row of side hustle ideas, and water with financial literacy. If you want better communication, you have to put in plenty of listening and fertilize it with empathy. And don’t forget to weed toxic people from your life.

Sometimes a garden project takes more than two hands. Just like you might call in a friend or hire some helpers to dig out those stubborn tree stumps or layout a complex water fountain, you might need to ask for help planting the seeds of your next project or career phase. Perhaps you need to see a job counselor for a resume review, or you need a coaching session to narrow down your career options. Don’t be afraid to build and use a support network, a garden club if you will, to help you plant and nurture your ideas. Consider planting some research and education as well, like David A. Fields, Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients, and water with plenty of perseverance.

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