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Never insult farmers when your mouth is full.

Updated: Apr 12

Remember a few days ago when Madonna, soaking in a milk and rose petal bath, told us that the Covid 19 pandemic was an equalizer? Uh…no, Madonna…just no.

If anything, a global crisis really points out the holes, problems, and inequalities in our systems and assumptions. Those of us lucky enough to work from home, I’ll be teaching a new class soon, should wake up each day and send a thank you into the universe. My suggested affirmations/prayers/group cheers are listed below. Feel free to add your own in comments.

  • Thank you, first responders and health care workers for literally risking your lives to save others. We will stay home and stay out of the way.

  • Thank you, stock clerks, cashiers, cleaners, and retail professionals of all kinds for enabling us to dash into the store for needed food, medicine, and yes…toilet paper. We promise to be on our best behavior in your businesses and practice social distancing.

  • Thank you, technology experts for getting us all up-and-running as we learn to do business, teach and learn, and socialize using new electronic means. We will try to be patient and remember what’s in the background of our video window.

  • Thank you, artists and creators for giving us hours of books, movies, music, and video games to keep us from going stir crazy. We will remember how much we needed you when this is over and people start doubting that creativity is “real work.”

  • Thank you, farmers, truckers, and supply chain workers for keeping our stores stocked and our bellies full, and tradespeople and journey-people for fixing our plumbing and repairing our machinery. We promise to take that tone out of our voices when we talk about blue-collar professionals.

I’m sure I’ve missed someone, after all we are an incredibly interconnected society, so do feel free to add.

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