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New Year - New Chances

Updated: Apr 12

I’m fairly confident that everyone I know is eagerly waiting for the New Year. While there’s no guarantee of a fast recovery or return to normal, [And there are serious questions as to whether parts of “normal” are worth salvaging] I don’t know anyone who isn’t eager to see the last of 2020.

This past year was one of those once in a lifetime horrible trials. Every day and every newscast seemed to bring a new and previously unimagined low point. Ideas like racial justice, poverty, the concept of a K shaped recovery, epidemiology, social contracts, and more moved from the realm of theory to lived experience for most of us, and we can never go back. Having survived, battered and exhausted, we are all asking, “Now what?”

2021 is a new year that’s probably best entered gently and reverently and without the usual explosive celebration.

A new date on the calendar doesn’t erase the past. Many people are going to be angry, grieving, or still overwhelmed in January by what happened this past year. Recognize that those around you (or you) will need time to process feelings and fallout.

The journey might start with the first step, but it’s still a long walk. Though vaccines are rolling out and governments (to varying degrees) have provided financial assistance, the world has a long way to go before Covid-19 is under control and millions are brought out of food and shelter insecurity.

All that alone time probably changed you. Months of lockdowns, online work and schooling, and skipping social gatherings have given us more time alone or time isolated with our families than we were used to. The 24 hour news cycle and divisive issues of 2020 have put strain on relationships that seemed solid. Going into 2021 we are different people.

  • You may have realized that you have differences in core values with some friends, coworkers, or family and you’ll have to decide if these are differences you can ignore…or not.

  • You might have discovered some hidden talents or new interests, and wonder now if you should keep these activities as part of your life moving forward.

  • You may have spent your alone time examining your life. 2021 might be the year you change jobs, start a business, end a relationship, or move to a new location.

As you enter 2021 commit to doing that which is really important to you. Respect your physical, social, and emotional needs. Embrace the new and revel in confidence. If you made it through this past year, you can achieve wonders.

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