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Risk, perfection, and a new website

Updated: Apr 12

There are thousands of sayings about taking risks and accepting change. I know, because I’ve probably quoted, paraphrased, or posted, hundreds of them over the years. Yet, saying the words, nodding along, and understanding their truth, does not take away the queasy feeling that new projects may not turn out the way you want them to, and you might fail. This feeling can be especially paralyzing for us recovering perfectionists. Every time I create a new workshop, give a public talk, develop a new class, or write another article or book, I face my uneasy relationship with risk and change and my desire for things to be perfect. Launching a new website is no exception. My hope is that this new website will introduce you to my life transition coaching, and that you will be free with your feedback and forgiving of imperfection.

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