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Should you quit your job? Now?

Updated: Apr 12

Over the years I’ve been quoted in numerous articles and been on a couple of podcasts discussing the concept of recognizing when it’s time to quit your job. In fact, I think most people are familiar with the top reasons for quitting by now. Signs it’s time to move on include:

  • Going to work, or even the idea of going to work, makes you nauseous, gives you headache, or otherwise makes you sick.

  • There is no more room for advancement, and you are tired of working a dead-end job. The amount of work you are doing does not garner a corresponding wage.

  • You are in a bullying situation and management is unresponsive or not supportive. You’re afraid to go to work.

So if we all know the reasons we should move on, why is it so hard to transition from a bad job to something else? Real life. There are some issues that make this transition difficult, though not impossible, that many advice giving gurus ignore.

  • The landlord, the bank, and the grocery store don’t care about your personal crisis. Bills demand to be paid, and unless you’ve got savings to fall back on you might not be able to quit (right now) just because you’re miserable.

  • Age discrimination is a real thing, and it begins around age 40. Unless you’ve got a rare combination of skills and education, changing jobs can be tricky for older professionals. Though many older workers I’ve talked to say they have seen or experienced age discrimination, it is incredibly hard to prove.

  • Our relationship with work can be complex. Sometimes the security of a job is seductive enough to outweigh the daily misery. Feelings of loyalty to an employer who hired you during a rough patch, or supported you through maternity leave, or other emotional issues make you feel guilty for wanting to move on.

And…job seeking is hard, sometimes scary, work. Yet it is possible to overcome these hurdles, and this is where a mentor, coach, and your network come in handy. With a bit of planning and support you can get to the day when you say

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