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What are you going to do now?

Updated: Apr 12

And why I haven’t been blogging.

Not long ago, I heard a television pundit who was reflecting on the current issues in the job market say that we have reached the “life’s too short for this” part of the recovery from the Covid pandemic. She outlined that employer goals and potential employee goals are mismatched at this point in time. Low-paying jobs in retail and hospitality still come with mask and distancing enforcement duties—duties that have resulted injury and death over the last few months. Knowledge workers who have discovered they can do their jobs from home, avoiding long commutes and business attire, do not want to go back into the office…at least not full time. We’ve had a world-wide brush with mortality, and not everyone is burning to go back to normal.

I too spent the lockdown months reevaluating my life. Instead of writing blogs that few people read (and thanks a million if you’ve stopped by) I decided to work on fiction and poetry writing. Below are some links to explore if you want.

Coming out of this pandemic is going to be bumpy. The edges of the puzzle pieces don’t quite match up these days. Life decisions and travel restrictions, employer needs and employee wants, or lifestyle hopes and actual time and energy to make them happen, there are many areas where what we want and what we can do are going to feel incompatible or clumsy for a while. That’s okay—not ideal, but okay. What’s most important now, is to really think about what’s important to you and what you really want.

If there was another world-wide emergency, would you want to be in the same job, town, or relationship?

There are a limited number of tomorrows. Call that old friend. Write that song. Take that trip.

Some of my pandemic efforts:

My first fiction under my real name to go public—a flash fiction about a woman who saves herself, with a little unexpected help.

A shortie for anyone who has ever taught children or for women of a certain age

The website that published my reality bending short Transit (issue 1) and my first poem to go public The Journey of Stardust (issue 6)

It's time to get moving, even if it's in a new and totally unexpected direction.

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