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Wine, plaster dust, and anxiety

Updated: Apr 12

I’ve been thinking of writing a memoir for years. In fact, if you listen closely you can hear the sounds of some of my relatives and exs chewing their nails and praying I never get motivated or confident enough to start typing. Recently I even bought a copy of Memoir Writing for Dummies. Yet, there’s been no real progress there.

While stalled in perpetual planning, I thought I’d read some more memoirs. My book club has tackled a couple, but none really excited me as a reader. Frankly, if I am going to put in the work, and possibly freak out those around me, I want the end product to be worth it, and finding a guide has been tough. Which brings me to my unexpected bit of joy for the week, My Grape Escape, by Laura Bradbury. It’s a memoir that reads like a bubbly work of fiction, and packs the punch of a great self-help book. Despite being busy with work, and dealing with some unexpected life challenges, I kept going back to this book.

In between lesson planning sessions and correspondence with clients, I snuck back to my Kindle to find out if Laura would get into her graduate program. While dealing with my first, but spectacularly unpleasant, problem with my landlord of many years, I kept going back to read about Laura and Franck discovering yet another home renovation challenge. And with every page I soaked up the reality of Laura acknowledging and confronting her anxiety. I don’t know if the point of Laura’s book was “If I can do it, so can you,” but that was the message I got…and the message I needed right now.

Here are the bonus points: I tweeted out to Laura Bradbury after I finished the book about how much I liked it. She’s just as responsive and warm in the Twitterverse as she seems in the pages of her book.

A book review style post isn't my norm, but this one was the right book at the right time. Yes, (disclosure) those are Amazon affiliate links.

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