Been there. Done that. I have lived through, or helped others navigate, many of the big transitions in life. Job seeker, temp worker, freelancer, educator and entrepreneur - I've worn lots of hats. I've raised children and taken the associated career hit. Back to school as an older student, yep I've been there too. Transition, changing as life demands, has become a way of life for me. Let me help you move to your next phase.

The official stuff:

  • B.A. in General Studies with an emphasis on Humanities

  • M.S. in Organization Management

  • TEFL certificate and years of work with ESL students and professionals

  • Background in domestic violence and suicide prevention counseling and support

  • Educator/Trainer/Public Speaker

  • Author of numerous books and articles

Author of: The Solo Workday: Manage your time and again new clients while working alone

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